Who decides freedom?!

Never force your principles & concepts on anyone as it robs them of their freedom to think & live their own way but society forces its rule and makes sure that everyone, whether unwilling, must abide by it & violators are punished & typed as outkast or as Rebels.Is it justified?! Should we not have opinions of our own? Can’t an individual differ from others? &
 who guarantees that the society is  infallible and the individual always wrong?!

We are living in a society where majority rules over the minority! No one believed Galileo as he opposed the thinking of the society & we know who was right!

But at the same time when we claim that society should not be autocratic, how much freedom does an individual should be allowed to have & what if he/she invades other’s freedom?

I therefore feel, there comes an invisible,intangible & a thin line that distinguishes freedom and exploitation of that freedom. Those who invade on the freedom of other’s ought to be punished! 

But again,someone who invades on other’s freedom always wrong? The administration punishing criminals is trespassing their freedom,but is the administration wrong?

So,whats the solution?

Truth is not absolute,it differs accordingly,with perceptions &  experience, we as humans should strive as much as possible to go near it even if we know we’ll never attain it!

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect- Mark Twain.

Think over it.


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