Intention matters more than action.

It’s a very wise move by the central government that targets black money right at the center of its heart & although it would not guarantee  cent percent end of black economy but it definitely would affect it largely & heavily!!

It was a dramatic move by our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi & his team that shocked the nation. It would definitely cause us inconveniences for sometime but do remember the inconvenience caused to criminals,terrorists of black money,fake currencies & also our unfriendly neighbour trying to disrupt our economy by supplying counterfeit currencies. My sincere request to all those who are criticizing without any knowledge & digging out irrational loopholes to shut up,  these decisions are taken by experts, more knowledgeable than us, social media Warriors!            Now, instead of concentrating on the steps taken,focus on the issues that are being targeted by the central government led by Mr. Modi, see the larger picture, it’s not about the bold decisions that he takes or the various schemes that he rolls out,welfare schemes are rolled out by every government but it’s more about him being proactive,dedicated and connected with us & the CHANGE”  being brought in us & to us, by him.Swacch Bharat Abhiyan is more about empowerment of women,more about economy, more about our attitude towards cleanliness than just about building toilets.On the same note, the decision taken by him last evening is more about changing our attitude towards corruption, more about his promise and willpower than mere demonetization.

The party which leads the central government  has it’s own faults, like every other party in every corner of the world, they have their own political interests & we should criticize them for their negatives but at the same time it’s our duty to appreciate them for their good works & certainly this was a good step!!

How will this work out we can not predict but one thing definitely we can, that the intention behind was honest!!!


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