Is the human life the most sacred?

The recent culling of stray dogs in Kerala(God’s own country) by the local administration (even some private individuals, organizations) has hit the headlines & the honorable Supreme court of India has restrained the relentless, cruel killings although it allowed it under legitimate ways but the statement made by the Court that no impression should be made that human life has a lesser value than that of a dog made me ponder, does human life matter more than other forms of life? Is the human life the most valuable? &  if yes what are the parameters used to arrive at this conclusion? 

So, let me make an informal attempt to answer certain questions.

First, if it means that those useful for maintaining life on earth are the most precious,then certainly the 21st century humans would not even qualify!!  Many may argue that we’re the dominant species & have made the earth reasonable to live & gave it a meaning but do remember that we are also the species destroying it knowingly or unknowingly at an unprecedented rate for our own interest, & although not everyone is to be blamed as there are many who are  working relentlessly to bring equilibrium back but the disaster that has been caused & is been caused by the human race in general has already overshadowed all their good works!   Even in terms of usefulness, remember that we occupy the topmost position in the food chain but we somehow have separated ourselves from the natural food cycles, so our extinction won’t  matter as much as other species who are relatively more intertwined with nature.

If you go by the argument that human lives matter the most because we are the most intelligent & have ruled by our own strength & ability just as Dinosaurs once ruled the world by virtue of their muscles , even this claim would not hold water. Although we’re talking on the topic of importance of life ,still, being dominant does not reward you with superiority of life. It’s like the lives of the citizens of USA, Europe & other dominant & developed countries matter more than the lives of the powerless, underdeveloped ones (although this is what is going on currently: Syria! Iraq!).  

Every living organism tries to eliminate others who pose a threat, we kill other species who pose a threat to us like the menacing stray dogs, the foraging elephants destroying the  fields, the human-eating leopards. Perhaps, it is a good point & definitely we are legitimate to attack those who endanger our survival, as the theory goes ‘survival of the fittest’ but at the same time you have to look at the bigger picture & see who the real culprit is?!  The man eating leopard has no other option left, we have removed all options for it, if you go on continuously destroying its habitat & reducing its food source, what do you expect of it? 

Unfortunately, we have become the root of every major problem that is currently going on this planet earth ,it is the bitter truth but we have to admit it as animals cannot speak & they cannot pass bills in the Parliament for our wrong doings! I am not  anti-human & I’m not advocating banning culling of hostile animals as it’s necessary to maintain safety & balance just as we hang criminals & punish anti- social elements . 

My real concern or my message is attacking the ideology of species supremacy, that human life matter more than that of other species. The Government of Kerala may be legitimate in killing stray dogs who are a menace & maybe the authorities have no other option left but surely they must not follow the human supremecy theory & the culling must not be brutal & relentless.

It is written in our Constitution (fundamental duties & directive principles of state policy) to have compassion for animals & protect & improve nature for the betterment of not only human race but all other species residing on planet earth.

The menacing stray dogs require more of treatment,care & compassion rather than hate,neglect and death!


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